The Ultimate Guide in What You Should be Considering In you Exterior Reno

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The Ultimate Guide in What You Should be Considering In your Exterior Reno

With this beautiful Australian climate of course the exterior is important in your renovation, it will be a space you use often if done right. Make your way through this article and collect ideas on what you would like, don’t need, or they are a must-have.

Pick a style!

Firstly, just like your interior your exterior also has to have a style. The style of your exterior can differ from the interior and if done in the right way you can continue to keep the consistency. Think about and research aesthetics such as Hamptons, Spanish, French, Japanese, Country, Resort feel, Urban, or Coastal. All these different aesthetics create a different atmosphere, evaluate how you want to be using this space before you set yourself on a specific design, is your outdoor mostly for entertaining? do you have a pool? Will it be mostly used by the kids? Just like every other space in your home, you have to have the same considerations in your exterior. This will make sure that your renovation will be best suited for you.


Will you be adding any special features? This is really dependent on how you choose to use the space and the workflow of it (Yes, even the exterior has a workflow). Do you entertain a lot? If so you may want to consider having an outdoor kitchenette and lounge, do you have a pool or plan to build one? It may also be in your benefit to have an outdoor bathroom. You can also consider an outdoor lounge, heating, fountains, and showers. When you sit down with your designer and discuss what this space will be primarily used for, it will be a lot easier to determine what you need.


Landscaping may the first thing that comes to mind when you think about doing an external reno and frankly, it is something that plays a significant part. Greenery in a garden makes a huge difference to not only the design but also the feel of the space, research into different plants, and the maintenance required for them. If you don’t have time to water the plants every day, then you need something drier that doesn’t require constant care. Do you plan on having a rainwater harvesting system or compost? Is your current grass dried out and you would like to lay some? Ask yourself these questions when you are in the initial stages of your research.

Outdoor Shellter!

Is this something you have been considering? To have a pergola or a louvre roof? Again, consider how you are using this space. This is usually necessary in housing in which has a tremendous amount of sunlight, you have a place where you can enjoy the weather but the light isn’t overbearing. Or maybe you have a large outdoor area and you would like the have pergola as for your kitchenette, bathroom, and lounge. Lighting is a necessity in most places of your home, your outdoor area is no different. Both for practicality and design. Moonlighting, driveway lighting, garden lighting, entrance lighting and security lighting are the few you should be considering. In our opinion, the areas with the most foot traffic require the most amount of lighting.


Are you absurdly close to your neighbours? That not much effort is required for you to see into their year or them to see into yours? Then you should be considering some ways to enhance the privacy of your home, fencing, automated gates, and even a planting plan specifically to act as privacy screens.

What needs an update?

Lastly, consider the current state of your home… what needs to be updated? Do you need any recladding, exterior painting, window, or door replacements? Have you noticed that some parts are worn out and require a freshen up or maybe you have noticed the lack of space, consider an extension or outdoor room addition? Since you are already renovating, consider and outdoor/indoor plan to enhance the use of your exterior space.