Can a reno increase the value of my home?

Absolutely, if your renovation is planned right, and due-diligence is properly studied for the area to not overcapitalise, a renovation could add significant value to your home.

How do we prepare ourselves for our renovation?

Planning is an integral part of preparing for your renovation. Be sure that all your renovation drawings and specifications are thoroughly communicated and you understand exactly what you are getting and how long it takes.

Are there any hidden costs?

At Reno+Co, we aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to cost. However, you should always allow for unforeseen circumstances, such as the possibility of termite, timber rot, damp or structural issues inside the cavities. All issues are unanticipated.

What kind of finishes can I choose from?

When it comes to finishes the sky is your limit. Reno+Co is a custom design renovator, we can source and install any kind of finish you desire based on your budget and taste.

How soon can you start once we have signed the contract?

Once a contract has been signed, we go straight into planning, design, and the preliminary stage of the project straight away. The construction stage is then scheduled based on your desire and also our availability. We usually book our team three months in advance, so talk to us if you are in any urgency or need priority attendance.

Do you supply and install appliances?

Reno+Co has negotiated competitive deals with some of the major appliance distributors in Australia; such as Winnings, Harvey Norman, and The Good Guys, for our clients take advantage of the discounts available. We can also arrange professional installation which protects the manufacturer’s warranty.

Do I have to leave home during the renovation?

Not necessarily, but please keep in mind that this does depend on the scale of work. For example, if you are only doing a bathroom or kitchen reno then you don’t need to move out but if you are considering building an upper floor extension to the entire footprint of the house, we recommend that you move out during the renovation. If you do decide to live in the property while renovating, we can accommodate. Please pack all your items away from the renovation area, our staff can also assist moving some of the larger furniture if you need a hand. In regards to bathroom or kitchen renos, make sure you understand how long this area will be out of action and that there may be the need for an alternative bathroom or temporary kitchen or out dining arrangement in place.