How to be spending your $25,000 Home Builder Grant.

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How To Be Spending Your $25,000 Home Builder Grant

There is a twinkle in the eye of homeowners around Australia since the Federal Government’s announcement of the new grant.
The HomeBuilder scheme is an aid to boost the economy and the construction industry and gives you $25,000 for your renovation budget.

To be eligible for the HomeBuilder scheme, the value of your contract needs to be $150,000 and $750,000, for the initial property value not to exceed $1.5 million and income limits of $125,000 for singles and $200,000 for couples.

During this lockdown, there must have been multiple things you have been picking out as you get a close look into your home; the old tiles in your bathroom? The dingy plumbing in your kitchen? The partition walls in your living that simply don’t make sense? Well, here are the best ways you can spend your home builder grant.


Realistically, the kitchen can be a space that you spend a lot of your time in and no one has ever regretted a kitchen renovation. With that extra money added to your budget, look at what you can add to your kitchen that you missed before.

A well-designed kitchen can do magic for your home, in every home the kitchen is the main feature and it is a selling point when buyers come to have a look.

With a bigger budget look at some more luxurious options for your kitchen, such as bench tops, appliances, cabinets, tapware, and invest in design with the good kitchen layout. This is a space in your home where the money is always well spent.


Sick of the old tiles in your home? Is the carpet becoming too old to bear? So it’s no surprise that flooring has a huge influence on how a home looks.

Flooring can be difficult to do, depending on the existing floor, if the ground is level and what you are replacing it with, it can be a big cost that you don’t want to include because you can just live with whatever is already there.

With the money added to your budget from the grant, consider investing in some new floors. Going with the latest trend with floors isn’t always the greatest choice, after all at some point shaggy carpets were all the rave.

Look at options that sustain durability and quality as well as timeless design, it should be consistent with the rest of the home design and be sure it isn’t something that contrasts your bathroom tiles.


Trying to do the design for your renovation yourself can be overwhelming and will most likely end up not looking like how you expected it to be, if engaging a designer was too much in your initial plan after this grant it may be in your best interest to involve one.

There is a difference between collecting ideas yourself or having a professional look at the space and give you the best possible option at your desire.

Designers have an eye for what is right and wrong in a space, the appropriate colour scheme to be used, how to incorporate a beautiful yet functional layout and they will ensure consistency, professional plans, and you will have direct access to one on one help throughout your project, you won’t walk away disappointed.


If you had an existing budget with your big-ticket items, look at the things you decided to exclude and consider the new Homebuilder grant to cover these added luxuries.

The $25,000 you receive can make a huge difference to the quality of items you can afford, such as your kitchen appliances, benchtop, bathroom tiles, tapware, and lights.

You can’t go wrong with spending some money on some better quality and more durable finishes and fixtures.