How to pick the right marble for your renovation!

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How to pick the perfect marble for your renovation!

Marble has continued to be a popular choice amongst homeowners, particularly in kitchen renovations, and it’s no surprise because it is a sophisticated and timeless look with great variety in type and cut. But, like anything marble is not perfect so it’s important to choose carefully when looking for marble, it is important to know what to expect, and how to care in order to keep it beautiful and functional.

So here is what you need to know in when choosing marble for your project.

Firstly, there are a couple items that are important to consider when choosing marble for your projects.

Samples! Stonemason’s/Marble suppliers are kind enough to offer samples for you to look at and match with finishes and appliances of your space. It is a great idea to collect samples of marbles you are interested in to colour coordinate and have a better idea of how that space will look. To get the best result, it is ideal to take pictures of the samples under natural light and artificial light, next to your chosen floors, by splash back options and other details you’ve chosen for your home. But keep this one thing in mind; when using your sample as a model remember that marble slabs vary from each other, even if they are the same type. Marble is a natural material; no two slabs are the same... don’t forget that.

Care! Marble is beautiful but it needs to be looked after. It is great to do some research and consider the best marble material for you. Choose a slab that fits your lifestyle and consider where this marble is being fitted, for example; marble in your kitchen should be a material that is durable and less maintenance because of the kitchen is a busy workspace.

Selecting the right slab of marble!

As mentioned previously no two marble slabs are the same. Natural stone differs from one another in veining patterns, when choosing the slabs of marble, it would be better if you went and picked them yourself so that you know they vein of the marble is consistent with one another and when they are put together it looks like a piece of art.

Compare the cost of marble installation

Marble installation is a work of art, a lot of precision and attention to detail is needed to pull it off so do your researcher when contacting a contractor. Ask for a breakdown cost of materials as well as their installation, get at least three to compare.

Now let’s look into the different marbles available.

Calacatta: This Italian quarried marble is known for being on the higher end of a budget. It brings a very particular look to a space, with either thick dark veining which is the most common, or you can get Calacatta gold which has a yellow undertone and lastly Calacatta Michelangelo which as an abundance of grey detail...

Carrara: Another Italian marble and also a very popular choice for kitchens. This is a cost-effective option and it has a spectacular beauty. It is a white stone with blue and grey toned veins throughout.

Statuary: This sort of marble is very similar to Carrara but has a slicker finish, in terms of colour that are the same but the appearance of the Statuary is glossier.

Titanium Black Marble: A real statement piece, this is a Greek stone that is a great contrast to the three marbles mentioned previously. It is a black marble but has white smoky veins.

Eperador Marble: This Spanish marble is unique in colour; it is a statement piece that has it displays earthy tones with a distinctive brown.

Crema Marfil: This marble option is great if you’re not looking for an overpowering white, it has a creamy-hue and can have blue or tan undertones.

These are a few popular options of marble but there are so many more in so many variances. Marble is a great choice to finish a space and you can absolutely find one perfect for your space.