This ultimate guide to the Federal Government HomeBuilder Grant

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This is your in and out guide to the Federal Government HomeBuilder Grant...

Let’s start with the basics, the Government Grant of $25,000 is eligible to homeowners who want to build a new home or renovate their existing home in 2020. This is available only to contracts signed between the 4th of June and 31st of December and the construction must be scheduled to begin within 3 months.
Are you eligible? Great question. Before you go straight to apply for it check that you are eligible, although it all sounds amazing there is a list of items that have to be met...

Firstly, there is an income-cap. For your income to be eligible for the grant, on your own your 2018-2019 tax return (or later) must be below $125,000, or you can choose to able as a couple where your combined income must be below $200,000. The income limit is based on your gross income, before tax and excludes superannuation.

Next, the building contract has to be signed between the 4th of June and 31st of December with a licensed and registered builder and construction works have to be scheduled to begin within 3 months of signing the contract.

Thirdly, three arrangements grant you eligibility.

It has to be a new build home that you will be living in as your own, & the value of the property is not to be more than $750,000. Therefore, the homebuilder grant cannot be used on an investment property.

Or, you are buying off the plan apartment or townhouse that you have signed a contract to buy on or after the 4th of June to the 31st of December 2020, and construction needs to start on or after the 4th of June.

Lastly, it is a substantial renovation to your existing home that you currently live in, and spend between $150,000 and $750,00 on a renovation contract where the value of your home is not more than $1.5 mil.

The government confirmed that to demonstrate the value of your property each state and territories may consider evidence such as a recent contract of sale for the property, a rates notice that identifies the Capital Improved Value, or a bank or independent valuation.

Next you must be the one buying or owning the property, it cannot be in the name of a company or trust.

And lastly, it is only eligible to Australian Citizens.

There are items that the HomeBuilder grant WILL NOT cover. There is a list of exclusions in this grant, the purpose of the HomeBuilder grant is too “improve the accessibility, livability and safety” of your home. The exclusions include the following:

- Building or renovating an investment property

- Building a new home which the combined land and home value exceed $750,000

- Building a granny flat

- Building an external feature to the home, e.g., pool, tennis court, outdoor spa, sauna, shed, or garage.

- If you are renovating you must have the works completed by a registered or licensed builder, you will not be able to get a friend or individually employed tradesmen to complete the renovation.

- If you choose to use the grant to build a duplex you will only be able to claim one of the properties as tor principle place of residence.

How to apply - Each state and territory as their own application process... find the link to your state in the following.









To apply be sure you have your proof of identity, a copy of your contract; dated and signed by you and the nominated registered or licensed builder, a copy of the builder’s registration or license, a copy of your 2018-2019 tax return, documents such as council approvals, building contracts, occupation certificates and evidence of land value.


When contracting Reno+Co, you can arrange an onsite consultation where we come to you and get an idea of what you are wanting to do and in most cases from this we put together a prelim design package for you that briefs the work to be done, a design that could be done that’s fit your budget and with the atheistic you choose and these packages comes with some really important information that you use throughout your renovation.

On top of the government grant, Reno+Co will be gifting a free prelim design package until end of this year for all those projects that qualify for the Home Builder grant. Depending on the size of the project, these prelim design packages worth up to $5000 and they include

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