The best tips when choose the right stairs in your home

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The best tips when choose the right stairs in your home

It may seem unusual to think that stairs do more than simply transport you from one level of your house to another. Of course, that is their main purpose to do so safely but that doesn’t mean they can’t offer more.

If you redoing your whole home or planning an extension that involves a second story, then you’re going to need some inspiration in how you are going to do your new staircase. They really do add such a great element of design to your home, can be a feature beyond functionality, set a tone for your home, and bring the whole atheistic together.

Firstly, start early!

The clearer the picture you visualize in your head is the more likely the staircase built meets your expectations so before you start collecting inspiration and consider the following;

Your budget, just like every other aspect of your renovation your stairs will also be dictated by your budget. Once you have set a realistic budget you can envision a realistic idea.

Then think about your space, how much room do you have? Stairs are centrally located so that they are in zones of main entrance or living. As you discuss your layout and the early version of your floor plan is developed you can sense how much space you are working with.

And lastly, staircases are coupled with a void; how can you best integrate this with the rest of your space? Don’t let wasted space be a mistake in your renovation and talk to your designer about a multi-functional use of that space.

Choosing the right style!

It has been mentioned before the importance to keep consistency in a home and stairs are no different. After all, a good design flows from the appreciation of its environment.

There are plenty of options for you when looking for inspiration in how to deliver your stairs in your home, in your research try and find images that include stairs to get an idea of what works best with the atheistic that you have chosen; then consider how we can deliver that in the space you have allocated for your stairs.

L-Shape stairs or Quarter stairs are a common design because they are the simplest solution when maximizing space constraints and they are fitted to be away into corner location to avoid space wasting.
Floating stairs are straight flight stairs that appear to be hanging from the wall, these stairs are a true form of contemporary design.
There are also curving staircases, these are grander and often seen in larger homes. They do require a significant amount of space and thus, are more expensive.

Don’t forget to mirror your home when choosing the style and material of your stairs.

Practicality shouldn’t be forgotten, of course, we are focusing on the design elements but don’t sacrifice functionality for design. Don’t forget to consider materials of stair treads, balustrades, posts, and handrails to ensure that this staircase is viable.
Also, consider who is in your home and how will they use it? Do you have children or elderly? Then handrails, as well as textured surfaces, need to be considered.