The Top 6 Interior Trends to Incorporate Into Your Next Renovation.

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The Top 6 Interior Trends to Incorporate Into Your Next Renovation.

Considering all design elements before planning your next renovation or even If you want to tweak up the interior of your home is crucial. Design is constantly evolving so here are some of the current trends that we think are lasting and should be something that is considered in the design of your home.

1. Black and White Kitchens

From the beginning to the end of the colour spectrum, there are no two colours that contrast each other more and make a bold statement the way black and white does. White kitchens have dominated the industry for a long time but recent designs incorporate this black and white trend to give more character and grace to the most important space in your home.

To create a bold visual statement, use black as features; the island, only top cabinets, or your handles. To soften the design and not make it overbearing, paint the walls to match your white cabinet, go for a bench-top that doesn’t bring in too much attention, and choose appliances that subtly fit into the rest of your kitchen.

Black and White kitchens are often seen in aesthetics such as art-deco, contemporary, industrial chic, and modern designs.

2. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns can be incorporated in so many ways, your floors, lights, tiles, wallpaper, and even in your furniture choice. It is mostly used in a contemporary twist of the traditional art-deco atheistic. Use it in a way that subtly enhances your space, such as a feature wall in your bathroom, herringbone floors, or the pendant lights in your kitchen.

Don’t overdo it but also don’t be afraid to be creative, this trend can do wonders to a simple space.

Geometric patterns are often seen in aesthetics such as Art-deco and contemporary designs.

3. Biophilic Design

Modern-day life can be overwhelming, when you come home you want to be in an environment that makes you relaxed, calm, and be a comfortable space. This design concept incorporates the natural environment into your home, living in Australia this is something that is very achievable.

Australian weather is the perfect climate for an indoor/outdoor design, this incorporates a biophilic concept subtly with a great design for entertainment.
For those with a bush or water view, windows… windows… windows, the number of windows and natural light you incorporate into your home can make a magical difference. This way you are indirectly incorporating a biophilic design, some homes have panoramic views of the bush or the beach which becomes a feature of the home in itself.

If you have a smaller home or live in a flat, greenery! You’d be surprised the difference some natural plants can make in your space. It adds a touch of colour and makes the space seem more open.

Biophilic Designs are often seen in aesthetics such as contemporary, industrial, coastal and Scandinavian designs.

4. Natural tones

Natural tones come down to the material, colour, and furnishing you choose from. Natural tones bring warmth into a home, minimalist features, and a focus on raw materials.

This atheistic makes your space a lot more comfortable to be around, and if done right it has the potential to be just as bold as other colours. When trying to incorporate this theme think of sandy beaches, late-afternoon sun, fallen leaves; these are the colours to be used when trying to achieve this.

Also, play with texture such as stone and wood, this gives your home an authentic feel but also subtly adds features throughout.

Natural tones are common in atheistic such as modern, rustic, and coastal designs.

5. Bold Splash backs

A bold splash back can be incorporated into almost every design but if you don’t see the appeal in a colour-contrasting kitchen and feel comfortable with just white, no worries! But we do recommend making some sort of statement to really bring the space together.

Your kitchen splash back can make or break to the rest of the space, you want something that can really enhance your space.

Chevron tiles can add a subtly features to your kitchen that isn’t very overbearing if you prefer simplicity, mosaic tiles can also be used to achieve this but they create a bigger statement and are far more noticeable, lastly mirror splash backs. Mirror splash backs can have the greatest effect, it creates the illusion your kitchen is far bigger than it is and it is a simple way to really capture a modern feel in your kitchen.

Bold splash backs can be used in every atheistic you choose.

6. Nooks

Older Australian homes often have bay windows and this can be a difficult space to furnish or even use, it usually ends up being wasted space. Depending on where your bay window is you can really use it to your advantage and turn it into a multifunctional space.

Using a bay window to create a custom seating and storage is a highly recommended use of space. The space has been used to create kitchen nooks or a reading space in living rooms. This gives you the potential to use that space and gives you extra storage in your home.

Incorporated a bay window into a nook can be done in any atheistic if done right.

Each trend fits a certain atheistic, it depends on what you want to achieve with your space. We recommend determining your atheistic before adopting some of the following trends. Your designer can assist you with this by introducing some beautiful designs and then making a custom one based on what you want.