Bathroom Reno

Today’s bathrooms are more than just simple functional spaces; they’re actually one of the most important (and frequently used!) rooms in the house.

Such versatile spaces and how you use them may change over time, as your family makeup expands and contracts. We expect our bathroom designs to reflect our lifestyles and provide us with a relaxing haven in which we can retreat from our busy lives. It’s important to consider your ongoing requirements and how you can build-in multi-functional elements that will serve your needs both now and in the future.

Have you ever walked into a hotel... and been completely amazed by the way the bathroom manages to balance functionality with stunning design? Now imagine you could enjoy that same amazing feeling every day in your own home.

Bathrooms can be designed in modern, traditional, and contemporary styles or even a balanced mix of two. Having remodelled and built hundreds of bathrooms over the last 20 years Reno+Co will impress at every level.

Our expert designers will help you create a bathroom that combines style with the ultimate in functionality. Furthermore, our design process lets you envision exactly how it will work. This helps you get the little things right that make the difference–whether it’s the height of the shower, the way the doors open, or the position of the hand basin. Remember that your tastes and your needs are unique