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The best choice for renovating your home.

Unique Process

Renovation can be daunting, which is why we’re here to help you enjoy the experience. With more than 20 years managing residential renovations, we know every building project is different and every client has a diverse set of needs. That’s why we take it step by step, guaranteeing you building success.

Receive a realistic building plan and no nonsense recommendations to help you make informed decisions.

Your Reno+Co designed renovation is a” one of one” limited edition design.

Best Choice

Run by the dedicated-duo of Adam and Ida Bahrami, Reno+Co is the best choice for renovating your home. A builder for over 20 years, Adam knows what clients want; better pricing, realistic timelines, high standards and a great finish. Ida’s extensive knowledge of design and renovations comes from a lifetime of living the family business. She’s an expert in architectural design and dealing with Council.

As industry leaders, we strive to innovate with the latest building techniques and strong client relationship development. Our primary focus is the care of our clients. By being approachable, knowledgeable, reliable and honest, we achieve our client’s dreams underpinned by our specialist team, our comprehensive processes and our rock-solid guarantee

Many homeowners find it much easier, and ultimately more cost-effective, to work with a full-service building company who can oversee and co-ordinate the full range of design and building work required. Reno+Co offers this peace of mind to all customers.


The traditional method of building is to find an architect to draw up your plans, getting them DA approved and then putting it out for tender to find a Builder.

At Reno+Co. we provide a full renovation services, from concept to completion. Our team will manage the architectural design, construction and project management, up until the handover.

Offering a more streamlined process with one point of contact and the opportunity to save valuable time and money, it’s no wonder homeowners are increasingly turning to design and build method for their home renovations.

Within house collaborative power, they can design and build the best home renovation for the money you wish to spend. This is because a builder working closely with designer during the design phase will be able to provide valuable input and help shape the design, maximising your budget while ensuring it doesn’t overrun.

It’s better to find out now whether what you want is affordable rather than realise it isn’t at the halfway point when you invested heavily on DA. We have seen examples of this in the past where the client had chosen traditional method and the ball park figure given in the initial stages by the Architect was quite different to what was actually required to complete the build.

This collaborative approach means they can give you an accurate construction cost upfront prior to council approval. That’s right, Not only does it allow for much tighter control of your budget, but you will be able to sleep better knowing that the drawing and plans submitted for council approval are ones that you can afford to build.
An accurate cost upfront also means that you can confidently approach your financial institution for funding.